2015 Elastec/American Marine​ Oil Spill Workshop

This workshop helps individuals understand the tactical options for inland and offshore oil spills. Possibly the most unique opportunity is the chance to work together with responders from around the world – to exchange experiences and stories in their united mission to protect the Earth we all share. Last year, 16 countries were represented.

Directed by Daniel Wilson

Motion Graphics by Ryan Meyer of Fathom Studios​

Location Photography

Our friends over at 612North Event Space + Catering just opened their new event space.  It’s a sister company to the popular sushi restaurant Drunken Fish.

We’re proud to announce that we’ve developed a partnership to help them with their marketing efforts.  This will help bring more awareness to the location and provide their customers with the option of our services.

Contact them for your next party!

Photography by Evan Endicott

Behind The Scenes

Here’s a behind the scenes look from yesterdays video shoot involving a popular Chicago brand.  Goose Island Co. has been active for 27 years and has won around 30 competitions from a variety of beers.

Daniel Wilson worked in collaboration with Fathom Studios, a company that provides motion graphics.  This production took place at Jacquin Studio Photography in Downtown St. Louis, Missouri. Be on the lookout for our 3-part video campaign! 

Behind The Scenes

Daniel Wilson after a long day of shooting.

Location scouting.

Riding back into Port Fourchon, Louisiana.

Daniel Wilson working with a filmmaker from Los Angeles, California.

I’ve had an exciting week from spending the last few days of working down in Southern Louisiana and the Gulf of Mexico. The project was to shoot a new product with Elastec / American Marine. The photography and video production we provided will be important to the company for international marketing. They have been working on this new unit for almost 3 years now. We’re very proud to help premiere a game changer into the oil spill industry. 

Daniel Wilson

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